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Wild Skitty Bitties Freeze Dried Candy


Introducing Wild Skitty Bitties – the untamed freeze dried candy wild berry candy sensation!

Get ready to unleash your wild side with Wild Skitty Bitties, a captivating twist on our intensely flavorful freeze-dried candy delights. These treats capture the essence of wild berries, infusing each bite with a burst of untamed fruity goodness.


Wild Skitty Bitties undergo a unique freeze-drying process that preserves their natural flavors and creates a delightful crunch. As you savor each bite, you’ll be transported to the untamed wilderness, where juicy berries flourish and their flavors dance on your taste buds.

With a medley of luscious wild berry sensations, Wild Skitty Bitties offer a symphony of fruity flavors that will ignite your senses. Whether it’s the vibrant sweetness of wild strawberries, the tangy kick of berry punch, or the exotic allure of raspberries, these freeze-dried delights will take your snacking experience to new heights.

Wild Skitty Bitties are not just ordinary candies; they are a thrilling adventure for your taste buds. Whether you’re seeking a snack on the go, adding a wild burst of flavor to your recipes, or sharing the untamed joy with friends and family, these intensely flavorful freeze-dried delights are the answer.

Packaged with care to ensure freshness, Wild Skitty Bitties are ready to accompany you on every flavorful escapade. So, indulge in the untamed crunchy fusion of wild berry flavors and let Wild Skitty Bitties transport you to a world of freeze-dried candy bliss.

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The freeze dry process takes up to 48 hours in some cases. Please allow us 3 processing days to get your order out.
Freeze dried candy is fragile and although we try our best to prevent material break-down in shipment, freeze dried candy delivered unaffected is completely unavoidable. If your bag is crushed or has had a large loss or is primarily powder we will be happy to replace your product or provide a refund. Please expect some break-down of your product.


Refund Policy

Refunds provided for damaged products. Refunds are provided on a case by case basis for damaged products. Once the item is marked as "Delivered" by the carrier we are no longer responsible for items claimed as "not received". Contact for customer inquiries regarding refunds :)

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 7 × 5 × 3 cm


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